Together We Stand…

Alone I can Say but

Together we can talk

Alone I can Enjoy but

Together we can Celebrate

Alone I can Smile but

Together we can Laugh

Alone it can be difficult but

Together it can be made easier

That’s the Beauty of

Human Relations

That’s the Beauty of 


We are nothing without

Each other

We need Each Other 

To Survive


Let’s be friends and not enemies. Let’s connect and not disconnect. Let’s support one another so we can move forward faster.

To realise that one is not alone in one’s pursuit of excellence is a motivation. Let’s join hands together and help one another to reach our blogging goals and crush every limitation.

Cheers to everyone on this Wednesday Morning!!!

Have a productive and peaceful day.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.



14 thoughts on “Together We Stand…

  1. unitynin diversity is the backbone of india Democracy. yes together we can accomplish difficult things but alone we are very vulnerable to all. simply a superb poem.
    read my blogs poems leave your comments

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  2. Let’s connect and not disconnect. Sometimes we need to disconnect to connect. Disconnect from the fears, the biases and the prejudices… AND reach out to the other, to the others. Well said, my friend.

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  3. We are not meant to be alone, even when some of us thinks it’s best. It’s in our genes to connect to others. I love the way you put this.


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