Forgiving Friday – #4

And so what, if you made a mistake in the past? 

So what?

That. One. Mistake!

You own your life. We might not have met, but I know you worry too much. I may not know when it all started. You did it anyway! You took that wrong step. You made that one mistake.

Perhaps you didn’t know it was wrong, at first, or maybe you knew it was wrong but you did it anyways. Could it be that you were pressured into it? And you felt like you didn’t have a choice. Well, maybe you were indulging yourself with something that you’d always wanted to try but never had the opportunity to. Continue reading “Forgiving Friday – #4”

The Daily Prompt – Jangled.

The alarm was shrill and it jangled my nerves as it jolted me out of slumber. I was exhausted after the party that night and had slept off in my party dress. Perhaps, the two glasses of wine I took conspired and stimulated me into sleep. No sooner had I opened my door than I collapsed on the cosy couch in the small living room. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Jangled.”

Failure In A Positive Light…

A beautiful morning to you all amazing People. I will like to talk about failure in a positive light. Weird huh!!!

Your perspective in life determines one’s result. The way you see things makes you a success or the direct opposite. How do you see failure? Do you fall and give up or get back up, even stronger? Continue reading “Failure In A Positive Light…”