The Daily Prompt – Bury!

Nothing hurts like being in acute pain

And seized by bouts of emotional ache

Inflicted by those we call family

Even those who were once friends

And each morning as you wake up

Reminiscent of the bitter punches of love

Sad thoughts deplete the little strength

Alas! You bury yourself in a pool of tears

Mourning the loss of great friendships

Extinguished by deep Infightings

 Betrayals and deceptions

Envy and Jealousy



Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Bury.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

27 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Bury!

      1. I met a man who I thought may be God

        I loved your line “reminisent of the blows of love:” and I am on the trail… ty

        on park bench in Glasgow
        St George’s Square, many mansions there
        It had been a day of trekking Edinburgh for Him,
        and Him noticing I am not strong.

        I am not like other people.
        It makes me sad.
        And glad at the same time, For instantly he soothed me:
        St Andrew there, and the sun shone bright, as a son of this God sang ever so sweet, calming me ever further.
        I wished he’d walked with me to Him, and introduced us, but I didn’t want to break His talented. Musical conversation, in front of the cross to the father
        Who am I to deny him..
        When I yearn for a Father’s guidance; and love, myself.

        I just wish I’d been brave enough to peek,
        but His Father sent me up the street.
        Did it go well? It’s hard to tell,
        he asked me to deny the Bible,
        I just looked at Him,
        no reply, Who I am to say to God?
        your words are true, just not the noo: what am I to do?
        A million dollars to be His daughter, a million for my faith?
        I’m not for sale I’m H’ewers, I do love you too,
        and I’d love to be pleasing
        to bring Him into view

        He is honest, fathful and true
        you, and an Edenic country view just for hue?

        I know you want to overflow gifts:
        and in return do not spurn my desire,
        to please your eyes with my tries,
        you’re guiding knowledge
        A bucket of porridge, for the beasts?
        Honest, devoted, sacred priests?
        All laughing, singing and dancing? Sometimes:
        My language rhymes, it’s a sign of the times,

        I met the Lord, and he told me things of non-sense,
        I was not swayed, more love is not for sale
        I’m His
        -No price tag

        He can go ahead and brag
        I’m just ever so glad He is walking back to that
        burden on me heavy

        Who and wit, and it didn’t fit

        That I be a he,
        And he set me free!
        In their capable hands

        The care of us
        And I will stop and nurse my broken mind
        Turning from unoffended to kind
        But God rules

        Don’t be fools like me
        Denying His wish for gravity
        I am not tagged, bagged, and on paper written
        From now
        It’s all new
        Relearning who
        I am

        And who we are
        Removing scar
        And scare
        And fear
        It’s a deer, hobby I’ve got

        I saw angels playing harp and recorder
        Thank you God: can a non-hostile me now come into view
        And return me to who I was
        Before I got lost
        It’s clear, you’ll not hear me say

        You’re answer does not hold sway

        What’s a girl to do?
        Look up and to the left
        Down to the ground
        Under my feet
        Shakes his quakes

        Aiming always higher sister, mister
        Where are you
        And he answered my prayer
        Fear, na no me
        It’s just starting to make me
        Shake my head
        Anger leads to dread

        Schisms breaks and remakes
        What’s real and what’s fakes

        He was there, and H counted my grey hairs
        They say I’m 59
        I say ok, then I’ll be fine

        Dermal cells smells like whiff
        Yip : generic genetic and obscalece
        Prove it then move it
        Aye: all a lie
        Written in His eye
        I had to try

        I hugged Him
        Mr monkey war
        Didn’t roar
        Score: flock of doves
        Carrying messages of forgiveness and love
        Mercy mild
        Happy child
        Not afraid
        Not degrade
        Make ill and spill
        Trip and shake

        I am real
        And you can’t help but feel
        The spirit move through me
        Empty vessel I try to wrestle

        Asking politely first
        He is a lovely man
        And I was told the opposite

        I should not be
        But what a misery

        I’m glad he is nice, I knew he was
        Of course
        In my heart of hearts
        He cared for me
        And I Him

        Mr deep NY swim
        No more future grim?

        In his values, pisces
        I will swim

        And hope for better days
        His ways so kind
        Soothing mind

        But not for all the tea in China,
        my faith is not for sale
        : But thank you

        It would have instigated the garden

        pardon me

        It would have further upset me
        If you’d negated
        What was in my bag

        And I did not want to shout at you Oh’ Who.
        I sat in silence
        You understood
        I believed not a word you said
        How could I call you Father?
        If you spoke not the truth
        And led me not by hand to your son to say hello
        And told me all
        My confusion away

        So many questions
        For so many days

        Led by Jesus…


  1. Ironically, our best friends and our worst enemies are the people of our households. Widely supported by The Book, other books, philosophies, principles and much more. A lovely poem full of witty words!

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