Devotional Nuggets – #73

What a beautiful day!

Sleep really does wonders. I feel so refreshed this morning as I was knackered yesterday to even complete my last task for the night or even do my blog features. What do I expect? The body needs to slow down sometimes and take a good rest. 🙂

Thank God for a brand new day. Hopefully, we should be able to achieve some of the goals we’ve set for ourselves today. Crossing my fingers for you to go the whole hog in ensuring that you get things done to an appreciable level. Great!

Let’s get started with today’s talk.

Often times, we expound our problems by negative declarations. We keep using those words that magnify the low moments which in turn, make us feel even more depressed and sad as the case may be.

Today, instead of going around thinking about your problems, let’s cast down those thoughts and start dwelling on the fact that Almighty God, the Creator of the universe is on our side. Declare it and mean it with your whole heart. It works wonders when instead of frowning, whining, and muttering negative words to expand your worry state – soak yourself in positive affirmations. Scriptural words that energise and give you more strength. Here we go…

Declare that with God all things are possible.
Declare that the Lord is your strength.
Declare that victory is on its way.
Declare that you are strong even when you feel weak in your body
Declare that you are rich even when your wallet is empty

*Declare what you want. Call up those things as if you already have them*

And push yourself towards achieving that which you have declared. Action. Work. Create. Build. Write. Do it.

Remember the scriptural verse – Numbers 14: 28 “Say unto them, As truly as I live, Saith the LORD, as ye have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you” (KJV).

So what do you profess with your mouth? What do you confess? In all situations, look at the positive sides. Get into an agreement with God and pave the way for His supernatural blessings in your life.

I pray that the Lord will strengthen us even in times of adversity to confess our trust in him and to hold on to his promises.


Peace and Love!

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