The Daily Prompt – Fragrance!


As I opened the door

All that greeted me inside the house was a breath of fragrance

A repellent and awful smell

Unwashed clothes littered the wooden floor

And the strong smell of tobacco suffused the air

A wicked stench oozing from the black ashtray

The sour smell and pains of a lonely old age Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Fragrance!”

The Words We Speak…

I was with Serena on Monday and while she was talking I could not help but keep staring at her.
Even though she’s a fast talker, trust me her words are filled with so much wisdom.

Suddenly I interrupted her.
“Wait,” I said and she paused.
“Do you know what am thinking?” I asked and she replied. “No.”
“You talk too much,” I told her and she could not help but laugh out loud. Continue reading “The Words We Speak…”