Love Is The Weapon…


Is invisible yet visible

Powerful and strong

The foundation of all humanity

The ultimate answer to an ailing soul

To healing hearts

To troubled minds

To broken hearts

To hopeless souls


The rock that binds a home

That connects a people

That ushers peace in a society


The superpower we carry inside of us

Coded divinely

And given to us freely


The weapon we need

To heal our ailing world



Peace and Love!

Copyright ยฉ 2017 by Simpledimple. ย All Rights Reserved.


17 thoughts on “Love Is The Weapon…

  1. Your post feels so strong and natural. I love the ideas and the form you chose. Love is a very powerful instrument. I cherish it very much too. I like how you portrayed it as will, which it clearly is. Love connects us all.

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