Dinner Is Served!

Tonight, on the menu chart is Fish Pepper Soup. I’ve served this recipe some time ago but there is a slight difference with today’s post. Pepper soup is healthy and can be eaten as lunch or dinner.


*Ready to be eaten*

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Satisfaction!

This week, we are asked to share a photo of something that brings us satisfaction. It can be monumental, minor, or something in between.

Many things satisfy me in life. I get satisfaction from foodies and fruits. I love taking a walk in the evenings. I love sipping my warm cup of tea anytime I hunger for it. I derive enormous satisfaction just watching the skyscapes especially sunrises and sunsets. Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Satisfaction!”

The Daily Prompt – Tea!





My steamy cup of tea

My earnest companion on a crisp weather

All that I need to kick-start my day

To warm me up for the new dawn

The thought of tea drags me out of bed as the alarm triggers

Once the kettle begins to whistle

I begin to giggle

To grin from ear to ear

My steamy cup of tea

Always sitting elegantly on the table


Sometimes surrounded by an enormous platter of foodies

Of Danish cookies and pastries

With Arla Koldskal

Rugbrød (Danish brown bread)

Smeared in Danish leverpostej

Kærgården (butter)

And Danish skinke and eggs

I cherish

My steamy cup of tea



Submitted for the Daily Prompt Tea

Peace and Love!

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The Act Of Kindness…

Kindness is a virtue

Possessed by a few

If you’ve got it

Flaunt it. Showcase it

And never stop doing that graceful act

It produces bountiful harvests

And creates resounding rippling effects

‘Tis true the world cannot be changed in a single stroke

But your gentle compassion towards others

And your show of empathy

The slighted deed of kindness

Makes the difference in the world


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