The Daily Prompt – Pest.

James looked hard at his bosom friend. And asked him “Why did you dump her”?

Fred grimaced, sipped his warm coffee and said slowly, you sure you really want to know the reason? Well, remember I’ve complained to you several times about her character.

“Yes, I want to hear your reasons. Everything”. James replied.

Okay, hear it now. “She became an annoying pest”. He stood up from the sofa and continued as he paced about the room.

“I got fed up by her parasitic dependence. So, I had no choice than to do what I did. I need a hardworking woman who would share spousal responsibilities with me when we get married. I needed to set my priorities right”.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt PEST

Peace and Love!

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10 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Pest.

  1. I’ve been married for 47 years, two kids. Life is full of challenges, and the ability to share the load is absolutely essential. If one or the other wants to be carried all the time, it won’t work out. But, trouble happens. One gets sick, or has a crisis at work, or loses a parent and has to grieve and isn’t 100%. And they need to check out for a while, take care of things. The other one has to step into the gap, because one day it will happen the other way. When there are children, double it all. Most people grow up, thankfully, with no idea how hard it can be. But it will be if you’re willing to take it on. Together. It’s what “partnership” means. He was a bit harsh, but he wasn’t wrong. The woman should be just as clear about character issues, since these are the things that make you love the person more or less as the years pass.

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    1. Well articulated. I couldn’t agree more with you. Marriage should be a shared responsibility to make it balance and equal. It becomes a huge burden on one person as bills has to be paid amidst other financial obligations. I think both the man and the woman should be able to bring something substantial to the table to enable the union flourish well. Having said that, the man only tried to save them from future marital crises or possibly early divorce. And he was blunt in ways. Wow! You’ve been on this institution for 47 years – that’s inspiring. Congrats. Wishing you more blessings in your home. Thanks for sharing your perspective and a resourceful feedback. Have a great day. God bless. 🙂

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