Weekly Photo Challenge – Texture!

“Photography is a primarily visual medium, but we can experience it with more than one sense. This week, focus on the tactile element of the objects you shoot, whether it’s one distinct quality — softness, smoothness, graininess, or any other texture you find interesting — or a combination of several within one frame”.

We consume photos through our eyes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a tactile element, too. – Ben Huberman


13041449_10207472931954126_3610575202036582689_o (2)

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A Letter To Self…

Dear Self,

Good Morning! As you wake up today, hazy and disoriented, there are a few things I’d like us to talk about. But first, go get a cup of tea as you squint at the sunlight. So, you’d gradually become aware of yourself. I want you to come to the reality of this frank talk we’d hold in a bit.

Okay. How do you feel today? “I feel good and I’m settling into the day despite the fact that the cloud is all grey and the sky is teary”. Well, you have no choice but to feel good inspite of glaring challenges and the mad drama unfolding everywhere in the world. Continue reading “A Letter To Self…”