The Daily Prompt – Casual!

“What a spectacular goal?”

“What a charming young man?”

“What confidence?”

“What stylish dribbling tactics?”  Oh wow!

The whole atmosphere was filled with excitement as the jubilant crowd cheered with undiluted joy. The elated fans all dressed in casual T-Shirts had come out en-mass to support their favourite team.

The captain of the Junior Eagles has just scored a handsome goal a few minutes away from the end of the sizzling football match.  Wow! This was the most outstanding game of this tournament that Peter has seen in recent times.

It has been a wonderful time, well spent in the midst of thousands of other football lovers.

And now, paying such huge sum to watch this game live was all worth it. It hasn’t been a bad idea after all.

“What a Beautiful game?” Peter told himself, happily, satisfied with his decision.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Casual.

Peace and Love!

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