The Daily Prompt – Amble!

So today began on a sour note.  But I pulled through the sad demeanour as I got engrossed with work. A few hellos and some pleasantries from colleagues stimulated my senses and I found myself giggling at their casual talks.  

Then the soothing comments I got from some amazing bloggers on my morning post, plastered my face with smiles. I was deeply touched by their show of love. As I read their words, I felt their comforting hands reaching out to me. It felt like a massage to my aching soul. Like a calming drink that soothed my nerves.

Once I was done with dinner at home, I had the urge to go for a walk to seep in the cool breeze.  I decided to amble around the neighbourhood park. As I sat on one of the colourful chairs at a corner, all the pains within me quietly exited my body. I wiped my forehead and looked above me to see a white bird flying around. It was a magical moment as the bird came down just a few metres away from me.

I returned home feeling refreshed and energised.

Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Amble

Peace and Love!

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