Good Morning World – Let’s Connect…

Dear Friends,

How was your week? Hope it went well. Welcome to this beautiful Saturday.

Here in my world, it’s sunshiny and radiant. I don’t know what I am going to do with myself today but should decide as the day progresses. However, I was looking at my friend’s lists and I realise that I’ve got some new followers and I’ll like to know a little more about them. At least where in the world they are writing from.

I made a similar post in February last year but it’s a long time now. So please even for my old friends here, refresh my memory again. Let’s know where we live in this planet called earth and in this big and glamorous world, we exist in.

It will be nice to know where you wake up from. Where you reside in this planet? Where you live, work and play your role in the scheme of things? Continue reading “Good Morning World – Let’s Connect…”

Photo Of The Day!





My Photo Of The Day –  These Lilac-Purple flowers to add colour to your Saturday fun.

Purple, as we all know, is a colour that represents royalty and richness.  Most gardens are not complete without some touch of purple blooms. It’s a beautiful colour that I like and it symbolizes so many things.

Purple screams sophistication and looks very cool in dresses. Is it one of your favourite colours?


Peace and Love!

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