The Daily Prompt – Inhabit.

Look at this house very well, it has served as a “funeral home “, since 1966 until April 2017. Thousands of dead bodies have been kept here before final journey.

But now, this building has been simply cleaned and rented out as apartments. The occupants are professional young men and women.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Corner!

“This week’s challenge is all about angles and intersections. What kinds of images and emotions do corners evoke? In this week’s challenge, share a photo that plays on any of the word’s many meanings about corners. Show your favorite street corner, or a cozy nook in your home where you feel truly at peace.

Focus on a person or place that’s recently gone through a transformation – “turned a corner,” as we often say. Or stick to geometry and highlight the angularity of a favorite landscape or object”.



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Form Good Alliances…

The Universe is in a relationship with everything found in it. Somehow, everyone in the world has the power to contribute a portion of their life, their time, their smile, tears, love, wisdom etcetera, to the abundance of the world.  Continue reading “Form Good Alliances…”