Form Good Alliances…

The Universe is in a relationship with everything found in it. Somehow, everyone in the world has the power to contribute a portion of their life, their time, their smile, tears, love, wisdom etcetera, to the abundance of the world. 

So how do you contribute to the universe? Let’s picture this everyday scenario in our normal daily routines. We encounter other people in our daily activities. And somehow, we get into a form of interaction. That interaction, that relation, is either going to improve the person’s day, enhance their experience for the day or that encounter might produce negative reflections.

This interaction can come in form of a simple hello, eliciting laughter within a group of people, making a friend or a colleague laugh or just being nice and kind and offering a smile to a stranger.

Everyone and everything collaborates to make the world a hub of different complex and exciting activities. Our life, you and I, are collaborating at every opportunity that life brings our way, whether we engage in good or bad deeds. Be it personal or business cooperations.

Our lives are about Partnerships, Alliances, Associations, Corporations, Organisations, friendships, and the process of coming together to contribute our own little bits to humanity.

You and I, on this platform, engage in conversational collaborations every day as we put our pieces of works together, Interacting together, engaging in conversational intelligence, and forming bonds with one another in varied insightful ways.

So Dear Friends, what kind of collaborations would you engage in today?

Whatever you need to do, ensure it will be credible deeds that will empower you and others. Refused to form alliances with people who practice hate for others. Run from those nefarious associations that will endanger others and the society at large.

Bring peace into the world so we can have less chaotic conflicts in our societies.

Have a great start to the weekend.


Submitted for Forgiving Fridays.  Forgiving Fridays.

This challenge is hosted by the amiable and lovely Debbie, the blogger behind Forgiving Connects

Check out Debbie’s great blog.


Peace and Love!

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9 thoughts on “Form Good Alliances…

  1. This is so true as I believe in this positive vibe simultaneously as we interact with others.
    And so I try to think and act out of kindness, send out a perfect healthy vibe in order to establish peace. That’s my part!:)

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  2. Your words, your sentiments are the very building blocks to reunite humanity. We practice respect and strive to create the strong bonds of community between strangers here; it only stands to reason that we should/will be spreading it into our daily interactions. We can do this, we can change the world, one grain of goodness at a time. Love to you, kind soul!

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  3. Stella, welcome back to Forgiving Fridays – yay! I was just thinking of you yesterday. This is a beautiful post and I am honored to share it for Forgiving Fridays this week. You are amazing. I see you bringing peacefulness into the world with each connection you make today, and I commit to doing that too – my intention today is to see the beauty in me and in everyone around me. Peace and blessings, Debbie


  4. Hello Stella,
    What a beautiful post.
    I agree so much that every moment we spend with another is a choice to build or destroy.
    The feelings when we ‘build’ are palpable and together we can collaborate, as you so beautifully said, in making the word a better place for all.
    Thank you for sharing these thoughts.
    Best wishes,
    Di 💐🦋

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    1. Hi Di, Thank you so much. It’s really a delight to read your feedback. Humanity need to build a more friendly world with love for one another. And it’s only our collective and genuine efforts that will bring this tranquil. I hope your weekend is great. 🙂

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