What’s On My Mind? Ha, Facebook!

Okay, I’ll share it since you asked. 

I am sitting down here and sipping my Earl Grey Tea, having woken up early to complete a draft I’m working on.

And as I looked through the window, behold a beautiful panorama stretched out before me. Wow! The world is beautiful indeed. So beautiful despite the challenges and the murky darkness that surrounds it.

As I looked deeper into the horizon, everything looked so perfect, so peaceful from a distance. Everything appeared amazing from far away.

But as I took yet another sip from my white tea cup, I pondered on the negativity all over the globe. I pondered on the many challenges in this world. I pondered on myself, and the rest people out there. I pondered on the atrocities of our leaderships and the pains they unleash on the defenseless masses. Oh, how the common man bears the brute of our incompetent and corrupt leaders. Oh, how the value of human life has reduced so drastically in our society. And I hear echoes of Run, Run, there is fire on the mountain.

This wild fire is spreading fast. This fire must be quenched. But who will be the Fire-Man?

And I concluded thus: that the dirty details of life seem almost invisible and even non-existent from afar.

I am still wondering how everything seems perfect whereas the world is engulfed in deep bitterness, anguish, excruciating pain, violence, and evil.

From here, I could barely hear the noise of this amplified animosity, this expanding hatred that is festering among humans.

And that is only because I am right here, inside, which appears cozy. I am right here, inside, which exudes warmth.

But sadly the outside is filled with potholes and fierce demons. Angry lions parading and looking for naive and easy preys and who to devour. Humans looking for who to bludgeon to death… Who to stab next.

The world is beautiful indeed but perforated with varying seeds of discords, evil manipulations, and deep rooted animosity.

The world is sick and in acute pain.

And this wicked world is in dire need of an urgent surgery to bring her back to her default state, perhaps.

And just now, I sipped the last drop of my Earl Grey Tea, from my white tea cup, a gift from Nkechi, my dear cousin.


Peace and Love!

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