The Apple Tree…


And I saw an apple tree from my walk today

From afar, they appeared to have come out of a mold

But as I got near with my eyes fixated on the fruits

I could see different shades of apples on the tree

The apples aren’t all the same

Some apples have mottled red and green skin

Not so plump like the ones I see in the shops

Or in the story books that our teachers read to us years ago

But some have firm and smooth skins

I love eating apples.

I crave for the golden delicious ones

Many years ago, my only encounter with apples

Lie in the pages of the Oyibo books that saturated the curriculum

And I was taught that ‘A’ is for Apple

Yet I had never tasted any apple

Nor drank from its sweet flavour

I had never held one in my hands

The unknown became the desired

Right before me now are apples fresh from the trees

Reddened from the stem with crisp sugary tangs

No embellishments and no chemicals

These are apples that I fantasized 

Apples that I dreamt about

Now, standing before me begging me to pluck them out

Red Delicious apples, Royal Gala apples

Crunchy, juicy and refreshing

Exotic fruity delights right off the tree



Submitted for The Daily Prompt – Dignify.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.




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