The Daily Prompt – Magnetic!

Beautiful Attraction! Oh Yes!

Just look at her? She is a beautiful magnet with her attractive features. Hmmn!

But beauty isn’t all that she possesses. There’s something else that makes one gravitate towards this extraordinary being. Beyond the fact that she is beautiful just like the spring glow and shine, her wonderful soul is magnetic and a charm to all who crosses path with her.

She wore a happy demeanour always and plastered her face with an angelic smile as warm as the gentle spring sun. She is infectiously effervescent and dead gorgeous.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt Magnetic.

Peace and Love!

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A Word Of Advice To The Young Teenager…

There was a Youth Seminar in our church on Saturday and the question was posed to the audience – If you are given a few minutes to advise young teenagers across the world, what would you say to them?

At that time, I had only a few words in my mind to say to them. But reflecting on this question later on at home, I began to think deeply what I should rather be telling them. And I scribbled down some lines. And here’s an excerpt.  Continue reading “A Word Of Advice To The Young Teenager…”