Sharing Is Caring!

Sharing is Caring.

For my new followers and those who just joined my blog, this is my lifestyle.  My old blogger friends are already used to this feature.

Oh yes, I love to share whatever I can afford to share. Nevermind that this is virtual, join me and let’s savour these fruity delights. I’d go for the water melon anyway. Haha.  Continue reading “Sharing Is Caring!”

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Blue!

And this week is a BLUE affair on Tuesday Photo Challenge. We are asked to go dig out the many shades of blueness that we can find out there… Yes, that was our assignment on this week’s prompt by Frank. Lol.

So let’s go see the shades and hues of Blue we’ve got in the world.

DSC_0385 (2) - Kopi

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Good Morning Giggles!

Today, I want to share some key take-aways. Oh, sorry, not that ‘takeaway’ from the fast food joints. This one is more like food for thought. Something for us to chew on. You can call it some caution lights or pointers. Well, give it your own meaning and it’s just okay. Afterall, isn’t life about different strokes for different folks? Continue reading “Good Morning Giggles!”