Good Morning Giggles!

I will drop this here and continue with the workload for today. When I return here during lunch break, I hope to see everyone feeling good and staying positive that today will be a wonderful day. 🙂

What kind of person are you? What will people say about you?

Well, let me help you understand my rants this morning… Are you an interesting person!

Be someone that people will love to spend moments with. 

  • Be humorous
  • Be smart
  • Be intelligent
  • Wear a smile on your face

This way, people will love to relate with you.

Practice the act of liking people:

Learn how to like/love people. Don’t judge people by their facial appearance or by where they come from. Don’t judge people by their names or with some of their weaknesses. Acceptance does not mean approval. There is always something that makes a person unique because everyone has got some good in them. Look for the good in people.

Show empathy or sympathy:

Never miss an opportunity to identify with people in their situations. Rejoice with people when they rejoice. Celebrate with them in whatever way you deem fit. And show sympathy to those who mourn.

Be a genuine giver:

Be generous with your time, affection, smile, advice, or even money as the case may be.  Acknowledge other people.  Have a listening ear. Pay attention to others and always offer a solution.

I hope with this few points of mine, you will check your attitude and reactions towards people especially as you interact with strangers today.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

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