Weekly Photo Challenge – Structure!

“We move so briskly through our daily lives, we don’t typically notice the details of the world around us. The structure of living things, the intricacy of our own bodies, even the components of human-made technology; all can be sources of wonder.

Today, take a moment to notice the structure of everyday things around you. Note the lines, freckles, and tiny hairs on your arm, and imagine the biological blueprint that created them. See the bricks of a building, and realize that they were individually placed there by another person. Then, share with us a photo of the structure of something wonderful”.













*Tilstande Kirke Skagen*




Submitted for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Structure.

Peace and Love!

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Structure!

  1. My post isn’t appearing on the WordPress grid…. I uploaded it an hour ago…. Even created d pingback n everything.. Submitted it for d same ‘Structure’….. Can someone please help me?

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      1. Thank you… Yeah I hope it gets fixed soon.. please check out my blog and see if u like my posts… There are few as I don’t post so frequently

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