August Takes A Bow!

August ends today.  Oh yes, it ends today.

August ends today. Just like the other months before August.

Why did I choose to write about August?

Well, I will paraphrase my blogger friend, Yinglan. “I think it’s because it has been one long month. Or maybe it’s because it has 31 days?”

Or maybe because I am just excited.

Anyway, I’m ready to say goodbye to August 2017, hence my thought for today is:

Goodbye August!  

As simple as this word ‘Goodbye’ appears, it is deep with meanings. Well, to me anyway.

So, what does this tells me? Very simple – Nothing lasts forever. Days come and go. Months end. The year goes into the pages of History. People come and people go. Love becomes sour.

Still, it means more. Change is ever constant.

Changes occur every time and should not be resisted. No. We can’t fight certain natural occurrences when they come. Do I have the power to keep August from exiting the scene? Absolutely not. So, I’d have to accept it just like that.

And life ends.

Life may be here today but not guaranteed the hope of tomorrow.

Life shrinks. Life is transient. Life is ephemeral. Life is fleeting.

Such is life’s journey. Sometimes it is all well and good, other times it is painful and sad.

Life and death is a must for anything that has got a life.

And as this wonderful month of August takes a bow, September beckons and look promising.

Oh yeah! I am always nostalgic when September is around the corner. It brings fond memories. Bittersweet that is. It means more to me than the rest months. More gist loading about September!

But one particular thing about September is that it starts a new season for the academic year as students return back to school. And wait a minute – I love this month. I really do.

Now hear this! September is a turning point for the season. Autumn begins here and wow! Surely, we are in for a show of excitement soon as the summer gradually winds up and our beloved Autumn appears again to bless us with her beauty.

September – Autumn – talk about the crisp weather to the burst of colours on the trees. I am always bewitched by the vibrant colours of the leaves. Their charming effect is much heightened by their luminosity to the environment.

Who wouldn’t be thrilled with this captivating spasm of excitement with the multiple riots of colours from the leaves?

Yes, Life is about entrances and exits. Life is recurring and seasonal.

Embrace life today. Stay well. Be good. Impact positively on lives. Be kind. Live for the moment.

I wish you profound joy and the grace to stay positive always.

PS: I wrote this piece after visiting a bloggers post this morning. They say inspiration comes from everywhere and from any thing, right! Well, this post was inspired by Yinglan. – Yzhengblog.


Peace and Love!  ❤️🎉😀❤️😍

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