The Daily Prompt – Priceless!

I had a busy day today. And just when I turned on my PC to have a sneak peek at my blog and the WP blogosphere,  this below photo of Mark and his cutie newborn daughter, August, popped on my Facebook Newsfeed. I quickly liked it and left a comment on Mark’s post.

Now, you can imagine my feelings when I saw today’s daily prompt few minutes later. I just smiled and said to myself – “Surely, I will not dwell long on this as I already got an answer”. So I went back to Facebook and the rest is what you see here.  Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Priceless!”

Sunday Motivation!

As humans, we go through trials, difficult moments and daunting challenges. It varies from person to person, families to families’ etcetera. Challenges come in different packages. Some are light in weight while some can be very heavy burdens which can be quite depressing. During moments of trials, we most often isolate ourselves and believe that something is wrong with us. But no, it is a wrong perception. Continue reading “Sunday Motivation!”