The Daily Prompt – Elevate!

The month of September started well as I burst into bubbles of happiness. I always have this euphoric feeling every September. Though, sometimes I have these nostalgic thoughts that swell up inside of me whenever this special month is around the corner. But anyway, this year, I refused to entertain any unwelcome moods and emotions. I have decided to forget about any downsides of life and merely focus on the triumphs and victories that have punctuated my experiences on this sojourn called life. Therefore, I resolved to jettison any traces of negative demeanour and concentrate on the moment and what this wonderful month of September represents for me. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Elevate!”

Good Morning Giggles!

Never underestimate the Power of One.

You will agree with me that – One smile can start a relationship. One word can end a fight. One look can save a relationship. One individual can change your life. One kind word can change someone’s gloomy day. One firm hand shake can give you the job. One kind remark can open new doors.  Live’s can be altered in just one day – for good or for bad. Just in one minute, one’s life trajectory can change. The power of ONE!

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