The Daily Prompt – Elevate!

The month of September started well as I burst into bubbles of happiness. I always have this euphoric feeling every September. Though, sometimes I have these nostalgic thoughts that swell up inside of me whenever this special month is around the corner. But anyway, this year, I refused to entertain any unwelcome moods and emotions. I have decided to forget about any downsides of life and merely focus on the triumphs and victories that have punctuated my experiences on this sojourn called life. Therefore, I resolved to jettison any traces of negative demeanour and concentrate on the moment and what this wonderful month of September represents for me.

The rays of the sun today has a glow that elevates my spirit even as I feel a coldness upon my face emanating from the cool breeze. This chill in the air only signals one thing –  the presence of the Autumnal wind. And it gives me a reason to believe in change and transformations as I march towards a new age. Yes, I might be getting older but it’s not a reason to be unnerved or feel trepidation for what lies ahead. Rather, it is a time of introspections while I continue to up my game as I clung on to optimism for the future.

It is true that the year is slowing exiting but I am undaunted.  I know there is beauty in the last quarter of the year when we begin to experience the changes in the atmosphere. The autumnal kaleidoscope of colours and Christmastide are periods I crave for. Therefore, as the trees begin to transition slowly towards a harsh period when they go stark naked, they still spring forth surprises to mankind.  They continue to dazzle the world in their glories, as they begin to burst out and beautify the environment with their vibrant hues and colourful leaves.

So happy is what I feel as a new age comes knocking at the door. A birthday is what happens when you are alive. The celebration of another birthday is a gift. My spirit understands these realities and rejoices as an inner warmth envelopes me.

I look forward to yet another phase of life with faith, clarity of purpose and great determination.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Elevate.

Peace and Love!

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