Daily Prompt – Anticipate – 2

It was in the summer of 2013. I planned a trip to London and Edinburgh, Scotland. However, I didn’t confirm my travel place in good time so I had to buy expensive tickets for my trip.  I got a fairly good fare to London which was quite affordable. The plan was to spend a week in London and then two weeks in Edinburgh. I anticipated it will be easier to get a  low fare train ticket from London to Edinburgh but I was wrong. 

I searched and googled all the travel sites for plane tickets with the hope of getting a discounted ticket. All my efforts proved abortive.  Even the train tickets from London to Edinburgh were a rip off as I recalled. How could I pay such huge sum just from London to Edinburgh? No way! Meanwhile, I had traveled with cheap fares directly from Denmark to Scotland in my previous visits. So it didn’t make good sense with the high fare on this trip.

Well, at the end, I settled for the Mega-Bus which was a grave mistake. The National Express Coach (bus) increased fares for the summer rush and I reckoned that the Mega-Bus was the only plausible option.  We took off from the London Victoria station. And that began the gruelling journey that crawled at a snail’s pace. We were practically zigzagging and navigating through some narrow roads of the west coast of England. Oh gosh.  Such a suffocating adventure.

I knew it was an 8-9 hour journey, but I never anticipated the harrowing condition I would be subjected to. The drive from London to Edinburgh was long, frustrating and way beyond the stipulated time.  We spent approximately 12 hours on a 9-hour journey.  Please don’t ask me why it took the bus that long time to get to Edinburgh. That will make for another narrative.  It was a sad story.

The motorway was busy but boring.  The ride only succeeded in showcasing the gray corridor of the United Kingdom. It takes you through the green rolling hills and valleys of England with some magnificent views. The sights of these beautiful towns and cities scattered along the route was a relief. I enjoyed the brief stop at Lancaster and Manchester before darkness sneaked in on us and it became difficult to see other landmarks and iconic structures.

I arrived the rugged city of Edinburgh at 1.00 Am in the wee hours of the morning. My cousin could not pick me up from the Edinburgh train station so I took a Taxi.  The Taxi Chauffeur drove around the entire city and finally pulled at my destination. Guess what? I parted with twice the normal taxi fare.  Not a good day at all! Sometimes everything just falls apart. Sometimes everything conspires to go wrong. And it could be unnerving and saddening.

Nonetheless, my beautiful cousin and her loving family welcomed me into their home. The journey drained all my energy and appetite for food so I opted for my all time love, a warm steamy cup of tea. I took a quick bath and curled up in bed, with a promise never to embark on such a road trip again. I slept off like a baby wrapped in the summer duvet.

Regardless, I love Edinburgh. It’s a city with a striking and enchanting scenery.  Classic old architecture with great views and landscape.  The landmarks are breathtaking.  I was billed to attend the annual Edinburgh Festival that August.  I tell you, Edinburgh has got some vibes with the hustle and bustle.  The famous Princess Street has a mix of high streets and designer outlets. There are a variety of quirky and kitsch boutiques with a parade of vintage clothes and rare antics.  The Princess Street Gardens offer a rich hub of floral gardens.

Suffice it to say that Edinburgh is a great tourist attraction with a delightful panorama. The bewitching magnificent Edinburgh Castle is a major interest for vacationers. And oh! The National Museum of Scotland was a huge delight. The massive museum was a spectacle and I ambled my way capturing the scenic environment with my all-time companion, my Nikon camera. I have loads of photos of this historic beautiful capital of Scotland cooling off in my archive.

That summer vacation was an unforgettable experience. Damn! It was exhausting. I was a frazzled wreck after the long boring ride. And never again will I embark on such a tedious road trip. Nope. Not in the UK or anywhere else in the world. Once beaten, twice shy says the cliche. I don’t wish for a repeat, wasting valuable time on a road trip.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Anticipate.


Peace and Love!

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