The Daily Prompt – Finite!

It is fulfilling to discover one’s purpose in life. 

Always remember the finite human life span. Therefore, we should strive to be well guided so that we make the right decisions and choices in life.

The purpose driven life, how fulfilling to discover it!  There are people who are already living their purpose in life. While there are others who are still groping in the dark, trying to find their bearing in the scheme of things. Nothing gives joy and fulfillment, a sense of completeness to know you are walking the right path of your existence. It gives a great feeling but sadly, not everyone can boast of this. Not everyone is living their purpose in life.

Have you ever asked yourself this question – Why am I born? Why am I in this world? What for? Is it to eat, make money, exist and die later? Well, it is definitely not just for you to exist or make money or do a couple of things and die eventually. No.

Endeavour to discover your purpose and invest everything to accomplish it. Time is passing and it is also irreplaceable. Life out of purpose is full of painful struggles and endless hustling. Allow God, your maker, to direct you to where you should be so as to be properly positioned to pursue your purpose. This way, you will be able to have a good taste of what (your) real life is.

True rest doesn’t exist out of purpose. For success in life does not constitute in the abundance of human possessions, no. But in the accomplishment of the assignment for which each one is here and will give an account for. That’s why we’ve all been given time. When yours or mine will be over, we will leave the earth notwithstanding whether we agree with God’s agenda or not; or whether we have many educational degrees, wealth, well exposed socially and are treated by others as royalties.

Here is my point for this post today: Don’t be content or settle for a life that is out of purpose no matter how profitable or rewarding it may currently seem. You have to be happy and satisfied with what you do or are doing. You have to feel accomplished and rest your mind after the day.

Pursue your purpose. And until you pursue that purpose, find it and are living it, please never ever relent. Keep striving until you get there.


PS: This post was first published here last year and was one of my Devotional Nugget series.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Finite.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple. All Rights Reserved.

8 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Finite!

  1. Awesome message my sister, you hit the nail on its head! The light of Gods spirit, and his grace and love shines through your words…keep sharing and lifting…you are a true blessing.

    We share his love in a wonderful way to others as they realize who it is we serve, not wanting anything in return for service, knowing the His grace and love makes all complete…

    Love’s Importance

    I once was questioned by a man
    Why each time when I lifted my pen
    I always seemed to write of love
    Whenever a new poem I would begin

    Love, love, love, he shook his head
    Much better you would surely be
    If you wrote without using that word
    Letting its spirit inwardly creep

    Choosing carefully before I answered
    Asking the spirit for the words to say
    I simply said I am moved daily to write
    About His amazing love with my praise

    My faith I replied is also a real reason
    I choose to embrace love within so near
    And with its energy I know when I do
    I will keep His Spirits presence near

    But most of all by sharing loves beauty
    I will resemble what He gives the best
    And each day I will lead a joyful life
    As part of His pure love which never rests.
    Copyright © Wendell Brown

    This poem reminds me of you as you are a true reflection of his love!!!

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    1. Aaaww…Humbled by your loving words and grateful to God for his amazing Grace to spread love to his people. It takes grace to declare and share this faith unashamedly. But it gives me joy to write and talk about the awesome ways of our God. I am a product and a witness of HIS abiding powers and LOVE. Thanks for this wonderful comment. I love this poem. Thanks for sharing it with me. Remain blessed and keep writing about the love of GOD. 🙂


  2. Great post! I can relate to everything you talked about. Currently working a job that doesn’t make me happy, but it gives me money. I finally decided to submit my resignation to pursue writing and drawing. I feel so much better knowing I did that, so finding your purpose really does make an impact!

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    1. Thank you. Really, when we are not living our dreams, we ache and are never satisfied with what we are getting in life. It’s deep and it takes a spiritual heart to understand these things or even this post. Glad you followed your heart. Keep writing. 🙂


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