The Daily Prompt – Sympathy!

I remembered when I lost my father some years ago, expressions of sympathy flooded from across the globe by people who are connected to my family one way or another. Friends and family members and even strangers who heard about his demise wanted to reach out to us with their compassion. Some, who have experienced the death of a loved one empathized with us and shared their experiences.

It was a sobering period. A sensitive period. A reflective period when I looked back to the times I shared with my father. It was a period when the good memories of his lifetime were on replay mode unending. Every case of bereavement comes with excruciating pain and suffering. It was something better imagined than experienced. It was the worst that could happen in life.

It was Death – the end of life and existence. It was overwhelming how people react especially to cases of death and even birth. It was the moment of truth that life ends at a certain date for everyone.

Our home was bombarded with physical visits, messages, phone calls and letters as people from all over the country and those residing abroad condoled us and extended their heartfelt sympathy to my family.

For a moment, I felt loved by everyone around.  They showered us with care and attention. They reacted swiftly to our every call and requests. They showcased a sense of good feelings towards our situation and stood firmly by us. That sad incident was humbling. My father’s death taught me some lessons about life and living.

It is only natural that at a time of sorrow and during moments of travails and adversity, people close to us share deep sympathy towards us. They bring out the humanness in them and that helps relieve the hurt and pains we feel during these darks seasons.

Endeavour to show compassion to fellow humans. Try to go a step further in showing love and concern to them. You can do this by sympathizing during difficult moments or grief periods. You can felicitate with them in times of celebrations too.  Show that you care! 🙂 🙂 🙂 


In response to the Daily Prompt – Sympathy.


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Peace and Love!

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7 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Sympathy!

  1. Stella, this is a gorgeous post. I hear you about your dad and am sending so much peace and Light.
    What would our world be like if everyone showed each other love and compassion? I was just listening to a meditation that said how peace starts within. I commit to that today, Stella.
    Thank you so much. I’ll contribute this to Forgiving Fridays – YES!! 🙂
    Have a beautiful weekend,


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