The Daily Prompt – Recreate

As a writer and blogger, creative writing is important to tell a story better. There is the need to present a story in a compelling and interesting manner to keep the readers or audiences glued to the scene. In non-fictional writings where one needs to retell an incident, it is pertinent to recreate the scenes intensely for the reader.

Creating a dramatic scene provides the reader with a vivid picture of the event or experience. It involves giving a detailed account of the story instead of writing a vague and sketchy summary.  It means that a good reflection of the scene must be enacted. Such stories must contain a good description of the setting and location where the incidents and events occurred. These vivid observations must be supported by dialogues for emphasis.

The creative writer has a goal and an objective. To inject life into stories. To recall a situation and articulate it in a compelling manner that will leave the reader clamouring for more.

Wouldn’t you rather tickle your reader’s emotions as well as imagination as you craft your stories? That is the power of creative writing.


In response to the Daily Prompt – Recreate.


Peace and Love!

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