Dinner Is Served!








*Salmon and rice*



The video was dinner – Okra soup with Eba.

This is a typical Nigerian dish served for both lunch and dinner. It is tasty and really delicious.

The recipe – Okra, Bitter-leaf, palm-oil, pepper or chilli, crayfish, onions, and Knorr cubes. Garri is made into eba.

And the other photos are from my lunch today. I had salad and salmon with rice. That was my foodies for today. 

Enjoy the e-view and it’s quite normal to salivate and drool over these virtual delicacies. 


Bon Appetite. 🙂

Peace and Love!

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The Daily Prompt – Tentative!

At last, I have tentatively scheduled to publish my first Poetry Book for December 2017. However, my plans may change but I’m working with this arrangement for now.

Hey, you are the first to know that I am cooking something.  I hope this food turns out appealing and delicious. This noble idea has played on my mind for some time now, but I didn’t take tangible action until very recently.   Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Tentative!”

The Autumnal Hues Are Here…

The breeze has changed its rhythm

The temperatures retreat slowly

The air has become cooler

With chilly creepy sensations on the land

Up in the sky, the clouds scuttle across

And I feel a dryness on my lips and hands Continue reading “The Autumnal Hues Are Here…”

Photo Of The Day!

White connotes purity, innocence, confidence, and cleanliness. It is associated with Faith in a religious way or simply the belief in something bigger than oneself.  It stands for illumination and inspiration, both artistically and academically.

20170918_202205 Continue reading “Photo Of The Day!”