It’s Friday…


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Whoop, Whoop, it’s another FRIDAY.

What are your plans for Friday night?

What are you up to this day?

Do what is pleasing to your heart. So long as it’s a good deed, then carry go. Enjoy it anyways…

But first, get to work.

Get that task you’ve planned for the day done.

Perform your tasks diligently.

Do it with all your heart.

Another thing though…

Don’t take or receive BRIBE. (Help curb corruption in our society).

Don’t drive carelessly or under the influence of alcohol.

Guide your utterances. I mean speak less but listen more.

Help someone in need if you can.

Say hello to a stranger at the bus-stop. In the train.

Start a conversation with the person sitting next to you on the train. On the flight. Where ever you find yourself lounging alone… Talk to the next person near you and find out who they are.

Get acquainted with that new colleague, that new foreign student in your class. That new neighbour that just moved into the next flat. That woman selling roasted corn by the roadside. That shoemaker that usually repairs your shoes, etcetera.

Call your Parents today. Or anyone close to your heart.

Return those pending calls.

Call me if you still remember my number. Yes na. Say hello to me too.

Send me that pending Birthday gift… Of course, why not?

Smile at nothing in particular… I said, just wear a positive disposition. And if you are overwhelmed by challenges… Know that I am also facing some squabbles here. Hmmn, yes. I get problem too. Or do you think you were alone on this?

So let’s kiss this Mr. Friday knowing it’s taking us to the weekend when we relax more, eat more, lounge more on the sofa. Cruise around town. Browse more on Facebukuuu.

And even LOVE more. Abi na. That one is important oo.

Cheers to a brilliant sunshiny Friday from my part of the world.

Cheers to everyone who woke up today with gratitude in their hearts.

I’m glad to be in your face again. :

That was the rant for this Friday.

Now get to work. 🙂


PS: My post on Facebook this morning. (Used the language suited for my FB audience). Hopefully, you will understand it too.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.




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