Morning Has Broken!

Go smell the Roses in your life…

Every new day that I awaken is a blessing to me and I am most grateful to God. Beholding the rising sun puts a smile on my face always and I feel loved to be given another day to focus more on my life’s goal. I am inclined to share my feelings in words daily to everyone who follow my rants and musings. I chose to do this because I want to remind everyone to always remember to smell the roses in their lives.

On my Facebook page, I’ve been told that I share love always and that I am not stingy with my smiles. I always respond that it’s an innate nature in me and a lifestyle that has always trailed me all these years. It’s not something I try to emulate from anyone. It’s just who I am. Those who know me can attest to this truth. So, to me, sharing a genuine smile with you or with people is a most exquisite blessing and the gift I can give to you or any stranger I meet on my daily path.

For some people, just a mere smile becomes a treasure that lingers all through their day. They always remembered the ‘one person’ that smiled at them… And they feel great because they always think that nobody ever takes any notice of them, whether they exist or not. It gives a certain degree of warmth to the human psyche to feel cherished and loved. It’s always heartwarming.

There is nothing like the blessing of a smile. The blessings of genuine love. The blessings of kind words to someone. The blessings of showing gratitude for a help you received. The blessings of checking up on others especially the lonely amongst us. The blessings of reaching out and touching even one new life every day. The blessings of sharing your story to touch a soul. The blessing of visiting the aged and spending good moments with them.

The blessings of touching humanity with your humanness and your good deeds. Do it and know that God so loves you despite the oddities in the world.

On this note, I want to sign off by thanking everyone who takes out time to read my musings every day. You all paint my day with a certain glow of sparkling colours that radiates happiness within me. I get nourished by the love you show me and the support you give to my work on a daily basis.

I choose to write and share what I feel in my poetry and prose-poems. And to everyone who read my poems, I am asking you to take the time to smell the roses in your lives.

I choose to share photos of nature as it affects my mood. And as I stumble on them. To those Nature lovers like myself, here’s a thumbs up to you for staying tuned with me on my journey with photography.

I choose to write about my journey with my beliefs and faith, in a feature I called “Devotional Nuggets.” It’s about my Christian walk with God and my Faith. It’s about prayers. Thank you to those who appreciate this feature and share the same belief with me.

I choose to unwind and spread good humour sometimes. And to everyone who understands when I fall into the anointing of humour and jokes, and joins me to laugh off stress and defuse tension with those posts, I say a huge thank you.

I choose to write articles on any subject my intuitive spirit whispers. And there are people who read such long epistles and give their sincere feedbacks and remarks. To those people, I owe a bottle of Baileys and a keg of good palm wine. Hope you will share these drinks with me someday. 🙂

And to the new additions to my WordPress family. To my new followers, and new friendships… I say welcome on board. Thanks for joining my blog. I hope you will find my world and stories interesting. I hope you and I will connect better with our interactions. I expect you to have an open mind to engage in constructive discussions here by making my posts conversational with your inputs and opinions. Do smell the roses in your lives too, okay.  🙂

I appreciate you all. Now go smell the roses on my blog… Smell the roses on this post… And smell the roses in your world. I hope they exude goodness and lift’s up your spirit today.

Many thanks for visiting my blog and reading this piece.

Thank you so kindly, for your usual support.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

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