The Daily Prompt – Focused!

This generation has shifted all their attention and focused it on the Social Media.

Almost everyone has beamed their lights across the world of Facebook. This is the new trend now. Facebook happens to be the center of attraction and the hub of most social activities and interactions. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Focused!”

Love Notes – #6  

Those little, small, tiny, insignificant things that we should do… !!!

It’s the little things that keep love alive. It’s the little things that keep a relationship or marriage going. These little things make the relationship to flourish and blossom. It’s the small celebrations of our partners. The celebrations in the mundane. It’s those routines you engage in to enhance your union… the niceties, the everyday romance. The smiles and subtle touches… The hugs and whispers of love… Those little small acts show how much he/she mean to us. Those small things… we do show how much we care. Continue reading “Love Notes – #6  “