Love Notes – #6  

Those little, small, tiny, insignificant things that we should do… !!!

It’s the little things that keep love alive. It’s the little things that keep a relationship or marriage going. These little things make the relationship to flourish and blossom. It’s the small celebrations of our partners. The celebrations in the mundane. It’s those routines you engage in to enhance your union… the niceties, the everyday romance. The smiles and subtle touches… The hugs and whispers of love… Those little small acts show how much he/she mean to us. Those small things… we do show how much we care.

Just imagine returning home from work, feeling tired and exhausted, and your partner treats you to a warm bubble bath. And goes out to present you with some delicious dinner… Or a well made smoothie, or even give you a cold drink or a glass of warm milk… or even a glass of zobo to chill with first. Such kindness… Such affection… is a great ingredient in the act of love. In the marriage acts (Find it… It’s there… LOL 🙂

Just imagine opening the door and there he/she is to hug you and say ‘welcome home, my love’… ‘You must be very tired.’ Hmmn, you smile, right. And that sweet words replenishes your energy and you feel good to return home, right? Such is the kind love is made of. Practice it henceforth.

Just imagine those whispers of I love you singing in your ears as you step into your bedroom. Wow! How would you feel if he/she has turned on the beautiful music crafted by the handsome ‘John Legend with that hit song – All of Me’. Hmmn, an explosive night that would be, isn’t it? Such is one awesome recipe to spark off a night filled with sensual highlights and ecstatic moments. Why not try this unique recipe after work today? You can tell me about it, haha.

Just imagine… Just imagine… Just imagine all the small acts of kindness, of love, that signifies respect, care, compassion, understanding… that shows how much you love your partner. Just imagine those crazy love acts and perks… Just imagine holding your partner’s hand and planting him/her a deep kiss as they leave for work in the morning. Did you try this recipe this morning? Answer this sincerely in your heart…

Just imagine calling your partner up only to say nothing but I LOVE YOU, HONEY! Yes, and be sure you mean it when you speak such solemn words. It’s a rarity in most relationships. Why not try this now as you finish reading this piece. Call your partner and tell them how much you love them. Or even how much you miss them. Go ahead, do it… NOW.

Thank you for your act of love and kindness… Save your relationships. Save your marriages… With those small, little, tiny acts that spice up your friendships. Make it work. Make it happen. Let’s not change the status quo and aim for a broken relationship… Let’s hold on to a positive narrative as it concerns our marriages and associations.

Let’s go into these Partnerships only because WE LOVE THEM.



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

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