The Daily Prompt – Coincidence!

And the lady died.

Could it be a strange coincidence that she died on her birthday? I am yet to understand this phenomenon which happens occasionally in the passage of time.

Not just that she died. She died under very strange circumstances. She was a sister to a friend. A tear dropped from my eyes as I read her obituary on my Facebook Newsfeed three days ago.

Further inquiries about the likely cause of death revealed that the grim reaper snatched the 27-year-old, on her birthday, three days after childbirth. Such a sad news. Though her baby is safe and sound.  And I cried.

Could I have cried due to the pains of death after giving birth to a new life? Or was it because she died on a day that she was supposed to be celebrated? Nonetheless, the whole episode was strange and bound to weaken anyone.

For once, I wondered if she made a pact with Nature to leave on such a significant date.

How can her death coincide with her birthday? How can one’s mission on earth end on the very day they were born? Could this be fated to happen?

This contradictory evidence is the reason I always declare that life is a big mystery. A complex puzzle that one cannot fully comprehend.


Submitted for the daily prompt – Coincidence.


Peace and Love!

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10 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Coincidence!

    1. I understand how you feel with this. Yes, once I saw the daily prompt today, this thought rushed through me. It happened 3 days ago. Her husband is devastated from what I heard and now has to care for a newborn himself. It’s a sad incident. And also strange because she died on her birthday.

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