Thank God It’s Friday!

Yippeee! Whoop Whoop!

It’s the end of another week and the beginning of yet another weekend when we take a break from work, a break from the hustling of the week, to relax our tired nerves. It’s a time to spend with family and loved ones.  A time to eat some special delicacies. To have dinner with the special people in our lives. It’s a moment to laze about and just lounge ourselves on the sofa with a good book or magazine. Or even to listen to your favourite music. It’s relaxation time for most people.

And a time to find that solitary space and spend quality time with yourself. Perhaps, meditating, perhaps, trying to think about the core decisions you need to make to meet your goals. 

I can’t wait to get back this evening and take a deserved rest.

You too deserve some rest this weekend. No work, no hustling, just rest! Yes, you need it. You keep struggling, hustling and never find the time to relax and rest your nerves. Well, this weekend, try to take things a bit easy. Okay, give your body the sleep it’s been clamouring for. Just sit on the sofa, stretch your legs and watch some movies. Or relax with a good book. Have the time to play with the kids this weekend in the comfort of your home. 

Pamper yourself intentionally this weekend. It’s very necessary and important. Don’t neglect you.  Go for that manicure and pedicure. Go for that hair cut. Go, shop if you want to and buy yourself some milk chocolates. Let it be like a pat on the back for yourself for working so hard in the week. Yes, go ahead and treat yourself to some luxurious moments. Enjoy spoiling yourself a little more this weekend.

Spend some good time at the gym to exercise and burn off some calories. The body needs this frequently or even occasionally. Remember that health is wealth and all work and no play makes everyone dull and sickly.

So, go ahead and cook that delicacy you’ve missed so much. Spend time on the phone talking to your mum and your Dad too, if they are still here… Yes, just lounge on the phone and make them laugh… It’s therapeutic. Spend a longer time in the bath… some bubble bath is an elixir to destress or defuse the clutter in your body… yes na. Well, just stay happy and try to exhale the pungent air around you; as much as you also try to inhale the sweet fragrances of life.

Eat. Sleep. Eat. Play. sleep again. Smile. Laugh. Laugh harder. Kiss someone so passionately. Give someone a tight hug too. Love someone. Yes, I said love someone or is love not the essence of life?

Go ahead and giggle after reading this. That was the plan and it’s intentional. I wanted you to know that we can blog not just about politics and hard stuff, we can tell our stories in very subtle ways and still drive a good message home. Life shouldn’t be seen as too tough and too hard. Yes, I know but we need to forget the problems sometimes and push them to the back burner.  For once, pretend that you don’t have a problem. And let the happy moments take charge this weekend.

I love you, my precious readers and ardent supporters. I wish the best for you today and always.

Have a good start to the weekend. 




Peace and Love!

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20 thoughts on “Thank God It’s Friday!

      1. You can blog about yourself and what you’ve done with yourself since Monday. You can blog about the weather at your end. You can take a photo of anything in your apartment and post it with some narratives. You can write a short poem about Autumn. You can write about your school and the features in the environment. You can simply just write and appreciate the people in your live who are there for you always. Aaron, the list is endless. Hope you find inspiration in my response. Cheers to blogging. 🙂

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