Happy Independence Day – Nigeria!

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What is she celebrating?
She is celebrating liberation 
From her colonial past
A nation rich in diversity
But clad with uncertainties
And of spasms of pains and anarchy
Inflicted by her failed hypotheses
She is riddled with turmoil in all precincts and regions
By the greed and cruelty of her leaders
Selfish Politicians with false manifestos
Who’s crowned themselves kings of the land
And reduced the citizens to pawns in their sick games


I chastise a Nation
For the terror instilled in the hearts of a people
For the decadence and strife in the land
And her indifference to institute true liberation 
I weep for her stunted growth
Her suppressed march to development
Due to the bloated values of corrupt leadership
Celebration amidst bloodshed
Derisive poverty in the land of plenty
Decadence that screams loud in every sphere
Checkered patterns of misery and contention


Oh! Bitter-Sweet emotions of my Motherland 
I lean on the memories of the good ole days
When love flourished instead of hate
When divisive chants were laid fallow and muted
I am proud of a people
Resilient and graceful in survival
I applaud their intrinsic hilarity 
To drown the noisy fife in the land
And no matter the discordant tunes
Unrelenting strife and embezzlement
No matter the deterioration of values
The unethical and dishonest leaders
Let’s honour our Dear Nation
Let’s raise the Flags today
The Green White Green Flag
The Symbol of our nation
As we hold on to the slither of hope
That Nigeria will get better 
And uphold true democracy
God Bless Nigeria!
Happy Independence Day!




Peace and Love. 🇳🇬️️🎉🎉💃🕺🌹🍾🎉🎉🇳🇬

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.


14 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day – Nigeria!

  1. Wresting control of the government from despots and corrupt politicians is never easy. I hope your native land has a few enlightened and dedicated patriots that can accomplish what needs to be done without falling into the same power trap themselves. Bless you and your homeland.

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