The Footfalls…

I saw them all today. Though the weather is crisp I enjoy the balmy effect as I advance towards the bustling city.  I see people walking, strutting, jumping in varied strides.

Each foot lifted forward one after the other in different gait. Everyone was walking in different directions. Everyone in their thoughts walking towards the same goal – to succeed in the day, but taking different directions to get to their destinations. Everyone seemingly working hard to tell a better story at the end of the day. To feel accomplished at the end of time.

And everyone views the world through different lens. Some wake up to see the sunrise with a smile on their faces. Some wake up to see the sunrise with a frown on their faces. Some wake up to see the grey on the sky and clog their minds with the cloudy clutters of yesterday’s torments. The pains of existence. The inevitable challenges.

Everyone in their unique strides. In their distinct footfalls. Quick steps. Stern faces. Pensive. Swishing. Graceful. Sorrowful. Friendly. Charming. Rugged. All marching on towards an object. Towards their goals.

One thing was certain about these people… They march towards survival. They march to find a path. They march to live.

To live is the reason they live. To live is the reason they all wake up and head towards the direction of their callings, their visions, their goals, their dreams, their passions. Their lives.

Walk towards the path you have chosen. And find the true path of your purpose.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.


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