Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hour!

I decided to watch the sunrise on this particular morning last year summer.  I was up earlier than usual just in time to behold a golden sun smiling into my eyes from my windows.


SL370561 (2)
*The Early Morning SUNRISE – 5. AM on June 21, 2016*

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The Daily Prompt – Interest!

There are many things I have a great interest in. Some of those things I’ve inculcated into my lifestyle already. Others, I am yet to embrace.

It’s no secret that I have interest in Photography. I can’t call myself an expert photographer. I still struggle with the rudiments of handling the camera and aiming for better shots. However, I hope I’ll get there someday because I truly love to have mastery in the art of photography. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Interest!”

War And Peace….!

I woke up today reading different versions and analysis with regards to the spate of killings in our world and especially this murderous lunacy of yesterday.

It’s quite frightening. Disheartening too, with trails of excruciating pains to the families caught up in these unfortunate incidences. No doubt, we live in uncertain times and the World seems askew. Man’s invention has become a weapon of mass destruction. Nothing is in sync anymore. I’ve read different views, opinions, and possible solutions to abate these ugly incidents happening around the globe. These ungodly acts instill fear into us and most people become too scared, afraid and frustrated… Not knowing who’s to be hit next. Some become too edgy and desperate for solutions. Some further wear a coat of hate towards others different from them. Towards humanity.  Continue reading “War And Peace….!”