The Daily Prompt – Interest!

There are many things I have a great interest in. Some of those things I’ve inculcated into my lifestyle already. Others, I am yet to embrace.

It’s no secret that I have interest in Photography. I can’t call myself an expert photographer. I still struggle with the rudiments of handling the camera and aiming for better shots. However, I hope I’ll get there someday because I truly love to have mastery in the art of photography.

I am a wanderlust and love to explore other places, cultures, and peoples. I would say that photography and travelling go pari passu. The two go hand in hand. You can’t love travelling without documenting your adventures. Travelling and photography blend well and capturing the sceneries, places, activities of one’s journey make for a good travelogue.

I have interest in knowing people. I express and take a genuine interest in my friendships and those I connect with in life. It gives a sense of importance and adds value to the bond between friends. My special interest in people is what separates mere acquaintances from those I have close affinity with. Therefore, I place a high premium on my associations and relationships.

Of course, I have a great penchant for reading, blogging/writing, cooking, music, taking long walks, window shopping and the list is endless.

What do you have interest in?

What interests you about other people?


In response to the Daily Prompt – Interest.


Peace and Love!

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14 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Interest!

      1. You’re welcome. Yes HE is so good. I am a witness of God’s faithfulness and mercies. Browse through my blog and you will find interesting posts acknowledging the blessings of God. Happy reading and thanks. 🙂

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