War And Peace….!

I woke up today reading different versions and analysis with regards to the spate of killings in our world and especially this murderous lunacy of yesterday.

It’s quite frightening. Disheartening too, with trails of excruciating pains to the families caught up in these unfortunate incidences. No doubt, we live in uncertain times and the World seems askew. Man’s invention has become a weapon of mass destruction. Nothing is in sync anymore. I’ve read different views, opinions, and possible solutions to abate these ugly incidents happening around the globe. These ungodly acts instill fear into us and most people become too scared, afraid and frustrated… Not knowing who’s to be hit next. Some become too edgy and desperate for solutions. Some further wear a coat of hate towards others different from them. Towards humanity. 

All I wish to say here is that being in possession of guns is not the issue even if I’d opine for a review of the gun laws in the United States. Regardless, Humans I dare say, are the major culprits and perpetrators of these quagmires. I am not sure if anything has changed within the context of human existence. From the Vikings, the Barbarians to Slavery. It is what it is, the reality is that it will continue to be what it will be. These nightmares will continue to befall humanity. Because in the end man will be Man – inherently good or bad. All we need to do is to build a shield and just focus on the things we can change. Focus on good deeds. Otherwise, one is bound to get drained in these fiascos.

What can I say? I can only grieve as my soul is disoriented with such insensitive and despicable acts of follies. I ache over these tragedies and human losses. However, from my observations of these played scenarios and my stance with these chaotic atmospheres, I think that humanity should be able to agree that peace and love is the only solution. An attitudinal change in the positive direction will be a means to foster calm and tranquil. And we should be able to sensitize our senses and understand too that the word love and kindness are action words. And if only we know the true meaning of these words, we’d realize that they are not bad choices to adopt and embrace as a lifestyle.

If we inculcate these words into action and doable words – Compassion. Love. Kindness. Peace. Acceptance. Perhaps, these will give a new meaning to humanity and help purge our society of hate. Perhaps, there will be a drastic decrease within the context of these sad incidences that plague our world.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

5 thoughts on “War And Peace….!

    1. Thank you. Yes, we decide how we want to see the world we live in by our deeds. We need to choose between war and peace. Between hate and love. Between evil and good. The choice lies in our decisions.


  1. The violence has gripped human mind from inception and every one gloats over the wars in whatever form . The message of love is only weapon to defeat the perpetrators, though a long road to patience peace and wisdom of compassion.

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