Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sand!


*Råbjerg dunes, Denmark*



sand 2







Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor
Behold the Sand Sculptures located in a town called Søndervig in Ringkøbing, The West Coast of Denmark. 



sand 2.jpg


sand 3 (2)



Here are more Sand Photos – Sand Sculpture Festival in Denmark.


My entry for this Week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge:



Frank – Dutch Goes The Photo

Peace and Love!

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32 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sand!

    1. Thank you. Yes, it is amazing. It’s an annual festival in Denmark where various International Sculptors converge to showcase their creative prowess (Exhibition). There are more of such photos in my archive.

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      1. It’s also surprising. Because I think of Denmark as way up north, I wouldn’t be surprised by an Ice Sculpture festival. Sand is something I associated with a place like Fiji. How did the sand festival get started? do you know? I like your pics of Denmark. It gives me a whole different view of what it must be like there.


      2. I made a post about the sand festival in the summer but you’d get more info from Google. There’s something about Denmark that people dont know. Contrary to popular opinion, Denmark does not experience snow in the winter like the rest of the Nordic States. No. We get only little or no snow. However heavy snowfall comes like in every 4yrs… And DK is not as cold as people assume.

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      3. Oh yes. People often associate all Scandinavian countries to be very cold but Denmark is the least coldest of them. Yes, you can visit in the winter but I have adopted the principle of visiting any new country in the summer times so I can explore more without any limitations ‘cos the winter time could place some restrictions. I’m glad you like my photos of DK. I try to project the land in my own little way. Thanks. Do you live in the US?

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      4. Yes, I live in Arizona in the United States southwest area. We are desert. We don’t get much snow but it does get very cold at night in winter because of no humidity so there is ice in the morning. However, once the sun rises, the winters are warm so most days you need a sweater at most in the afternoons.

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      5. Oh, it sounds quite like Danish weather too. I’ve just edited the post and included the link to more photos of the sand exhibition which I posted in August so people can see more of that. Enjoy a great day and thanks. 🙂


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