Save The Girl Child…

The Girl Child.
She is out there. She is in acute trauma as she wakes up every day without hope. She lives in abject poverty. You don’t need to search far to find her. She is everywhere around us. She lives in the neigbourhood. She lives in the big city as a domestic house help. Yes, she lives in the rural community where there is neither electricity nor clean drinking water. She is somewhere out there, in the society, disrobed of her worthiness. She is sad, dejected and depressed because she is deprived of a meaningful livelihood. Denied access to a good health care system.

Hunger and thirst are her best friends. She has neither a voice of her own or any atom of confidence left within her. She is weary and hurting. She has been silenced and relegated to the background as a kid just because she is a girl. She has been told that she is a girl and that girls grow up and get married to raise children. She has been brainwashed to believe that her position belongs to the kitchen to cook food for her family; the bedroom to satisfy her husband’s sexual desires. She is told that she must never rise above the male child. She is deprived access to education to stunt her personal development and growth. She is disrobed in all entirety and denied her basic human rights.
The Girl Child.
She is the object of human trafficking as she is taken abroad for sexual exploits. She hides in the corner of the world. Afraid to cry out. Afraid to speak out.  She is afraid to take a giant stride or to resist all forms of domination and discrimination against her. She is scared of the harm that will befall her if she fights back. She lives in fear. Physically shaken because she is the nucleus of hate. Visibly shaken because of the emotional violence that trails her life.
She is seen as a sexual object whose only stock in trade should be to satisfy men’s sexual appetite. She is forced to become a young bride at a very tender age even to a man old enough to be her grandfather.  And she must never utter a word or raise her voice in resistance. She must obey and comply with all orders from different strata of the society because she is seen as the weaker vessel. She is the stronger spiritual force of the human species therefore, she has the duty to pray and intercede for her family. She is economically challenged. And politically marginalized by her male counterparts.
She is the girl child left with no hope for a better future. 
Help Save the girl child. Would you save the girl child?
You and I can do this by indoctrinating our children to understand gender equality. To accept all humans irrespective of gender.  And to jettison all forms of discrimination.
Report any case of domestic violence against the girl child. Report any case of child trafficking and help prevent this evil that has festered in our society.
Save the girl child by granting her access to education and literacy, the noble path to personal growth and development.
Encourage one girl child today. Empower her to embrace sustainable ventures that will elevate her personal growth. And place her on the road to economic freedom.
Save the girl child. Provide her with equal opportunities like her male counterparts. Encourage her to stand up and speak out because her opinion matter in the development of the world.
The Girl Child is Tomorrow’s Mothers. She is the hand that rocks the cradle. Educate her and you educate a Nation.
Help save the girl child today. 
In response to the Daily Prompt – Exceptional.

Peace and Love!

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6 thoughts on “Save The Girl Child…

  1. Very emotional and heart touching post. “The Girl Child is Tomorrow’s Mothers. She is the hand that rocks the cradle. Educate her and you educate a Nation.”That’s so true.
    The real picture of a nation comes from the way they treat their female population.

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    1. Sadly, the girl child has been marginalized in some parts of the world and this stagnates a Nation. Hopefully, with awareness and campaigns, gender equality will take a new turn in our societies. Thanks so much for lending your voice. 🙂

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