The Month Of November!

The month of November ushers us into the inevitable change in weather when it’s going to get colder, darker, rainy and wet, and probably with flurries of snow. Then boom comes winter in its full glare! The month of November is significant and it holds different meanings for different people. For some, it is a birth month and for the Americans, it’s a month of Thanksgiving. In the Christian religious calendar, different commemorations and celebrations are held in November.

Personally, November is when I begin to get the real beat from the weather as the day slowly transitions into darkness. This is the beginning of longer nights, and I face more challenges with the harsh weather: the cold gets colder; sleep becomes more appealing; warm drinks become more acceptable. This is when I embrace indoor activities more and succeed in my daily routines. I indulge more in fitness and exercises. Then I grow my passion for writing the random thoughts in my mind, a time I feel inspired to use every minute I spend indoors to create something meaningful. When I go outside, I wear more layers of clothing while my feet warm up in thick socks and boots.

November is symbolic in the Catholic theological calendar, with the autumnal commemoration of the feast of ‘All Saints’ and ‘All Souls’ day. Many Catholic faithful celebrate these two occasions by remembering their departed loved ones and the saints in heaven. As a child, I never missed attending Mass on these two days, as a family tradition, and as an act of obedience else, I would incur the wrath of my wonderful Dad of blessed memory.

Another remarkable thing about November is the feelings it resonates with the Americans. Yes, I am talking about ‘Thanksgiving’. In the United States, Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated with families and loved ones, an American tradition that is gradually paving its way across other continents.

Thanksgiving. The word speaks for itself. A day when families gather together to enjoy good food and appreciate one another. A time to show gratitude and love to members of one’s family, friends, parents, children, siblings, and in-laws. The love is extended also to the down-trodden and the less privileged. It’s usually a moment to be thankful for one’s good harvest and whatever one has in one’s life. In other words, one can be thankful for one’s family, one’s health, and other things that give one joy in life. It’s a big deal! The Thanksgiving table is always a delight with its attractive culinary display that beckons on one to eat, and eat, whatever food that is served. The ‘Turkey’ is the symbol of this great celebration. The sight of a gigantic turkey, well stuffed and marinated in condiments that give it a tasty and appetizing aroma on the dinner table, can be inviting. Now, I am salivating already.

With a special day, last Thursday of November to be precise, set aside as a thanksgiving day in the USA, I see Thanksgiving as an everyday act. In Nigeria, people give thanks every day. At the break of dawn, when we wake up from sleep, on a safe arrival to one’s destination, upon graduation from school or any programme, for a newborn baby, for marriages and weddings, and other things that bring fulfilment to people. More so, Thanksgiving and big celebrations accompany the successful issuance of a visa to the western world. Well, this is true. Even after the burial of a loved one, or a mourning period, a thanksgiving is usually the climax of such events.

To me, the common denominator in having a thanksgiving is for appreciation and gratitude. To acknowledge God for his benevolence and providence. Also, to appreciate one another. However, it is celebrated in different ways and for different reasons. Despite everything that happens to us as humans, we need to be grateful for life. This is the hallmark of life itself: to learn lessons and garner experiences. Showing gratitude is liberating, enriching, and embedded in love. I am most thankful. I am grateful. Thank you. Wow! Simple words that carry weight and give exhilarating feelings.

Do you know that November has another significance like the rest of the months? From a cultural sense, November is symbolized by the birth flower called ‘Chrysanthemum’, which stands for cheerfulness, friendship, abundance, and love. This flower brings happiness and laughter to the home.

On this note, to all the wonderful people born in the month of November, I am sending a red Chrysanthemum flower to you, which means ‘I love you’. To everyone having a reason of thankfulness, I say, ‘celebrate life and be happy.’

Being a month of Thanksgiving, even though I don’t live in that space of the world called the ‘United States of America’, I would like to say ‘thank you to everyone of my wonderful family; my amazing friends, old and new, who have supported and encouraged me by reading my writings, liking or commenting on them.’ I’d like to tell you that ‘you give me more energy to continue my passion and get better at it. I am grateful. I love you.’

PS: I first published this post in November 2015. Thought to repost it since it’s still very relevant today. 🙂


Peace and Love!

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17 thoughts on “The Month Of November!

  1. I absolutely, loved this post, so very beautiful. Autumn is my most favorite season of the year. Since, as you described it comes with so many beautiful memories. Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of mine because, it provides an opportunity to gather with loved ones near and far. Of course, while eating an array of delicious foods. Which, if your anything like my family. We all come together cooking different foods and gathering usually at my home for our Thanksgiving. However, this year will be hard since we lost our most close relative. She always cooked the most sensual foods and brought so much joy to our lives. I know she will be with us in spirit but, it still feels unreal she will not physical be with us this year on our special family occasions.

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    1. Oh wow. Thanks so much for a great comment. I understand the sentiments surrounding the big occasion and celebrations of Thanksgiving. I actually feel so with Christmas… 🙂 So sorry to hear about your loss. It’s sad to reminisce and accept such hard realities. But life isn’t always pretty. I hope you all still get to be thankful and celebrate knowing that life comes with such fate and that she is in a better place now. God bless you all and make the pain lighter during the forth coming thanksgiving. Thank you. 🙂

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      1. Thank you, Mrs. Stella for you kind and encouraging words. As you said before she is in a better place. Which, is the one thing that helps me to cope and be at peace. I Absoutely love Christmas as well. It is so beautiful and Jolly. Not to mention, my little baby girl was born just several days after Christmas. So it’s a very special time of year. Its the day that our Lord and savior was born. Also, let’s not forget the Christmas music that always brings laughter and smiles to our faces. All in All, I am so glad I came across your blog and met you. Your an amazing person with special gifts. I will continue to read and enjoy your blog.
        Wishing you wonderful Holiday times also!
        God bless you as well! 🙂

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      2. I’m happy to be connected with you on this platform. Many thanks for your kind remarks and feedbacks. Deeply appreciated. I love the Yuletide with all it’s accompaniments… the music being one of those. Hope you will enjoy the seasons, regardless. Take good care and stay strong. Stay blessed. 🙂

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  2. Stella I love your Post. It sounds like folks from Nigeria have got it right. I try to practice radical gratitude every day. It is hard to hate people when you feel you are feeling thankful. I am thankful to know you Stella. I wish you an awesome week as we in the northern hemispher move into can the dark nights of winter. Blessings Roland 🏵️

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    1. Such a beautiful comment to wake up to. Thanks so much, Roland. This cold winter is beginning to seep into me gradually and I just realized that I sleep earlier than I normally do. Lol. Well, talking about Thanksgiving, it’s synonymous with Nigerians. It’s rather a lifestyle but when I look at it now as an adult, I loved that it enables us to understand and appreciate the act of gratitude. To be grateful for little mercies is a healthy way of life. 🙂 I am happy I met you on this platform. You are a great man. God bless you, always. 🙂

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