Devotional Nuggets – #87

It is fulfilling to discover one’s purpose in life.

The purpose driven life, how fulfilling to discover it!  There are people who are already living their purpose in life. While there are others who are still groping in the dark, trying to find their bearing in the scheme of things. Nothing gives joy and fulfilment, a sense of completeness to know you are walking the right path of your existence. It gives a great feeling but sadly, not everyone can boast of this. Not everyone is living their purpose in life.

Have you ever asked yourself this question – Why am I born? Why am I in this world? What for? Is it to eat, make money, exist and die later? Well, it is definitely not just for you to exist or make money or do a couple of things and die eventually. No.

Endeavour to discover your purpose and invest everything to accomplish it. Time is passing and it is also irreplaceable. Life out of purpose is full of painful struggles and endless hustling. Allow God, your maker, to direct you to where you should be so as to be properly positioned to pursue your purpose. This way, you will be able to have a good taste of what (your) real life is.

True rest doesn’t exist out of purpose. For success in life does not constitute in the abundance of human possessions, no. But in the accomplishment of the assignment for which each one is here and will give an account for. That’s why we’ve all been given time. When yours or mine will be over, we will leave the earth notwithstanding whether we agree with God’s agenda or not; or whether we have many educational degrees, wealth, well exposed socially and are treated by others as royalties.

Here is my point for this post today: Don’t be content or settle for a life that is out of purpose no matter how profitable or rewarding it may currently seem. You have to be happy and satisfied with what you do or are doing. You have to feel accomplished and rest your mind after the day.

Pursue your purpose. And until you pursue that purpose, find it and are living it, please never ever relent. Keep striving until you get there.


Peace and Love!

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9 thoughts on “Devotional Nuggets – #87

    1. Hi Ben. Thank you. I miss not writing. I miss my blog. And I miss all of you. I’ve been travelling in the US and that makes it difficult to make any postings here. But I’d try… Have a fabulous day my friend. 🙂


  1. Great post I’m glad to have found you on WordPress. I’m struggling right now with accepting who I am and why I was born on this Earth. I never knew I had such importance to God and the world. People have always told me otherwise, my family the church everyone. They’ve always told me I was the problem, the curse, or someone with no talents or abilities.


    1. This breaks my heart but your pain isn’t uncommon. I hope you can find the confidence to accept yourself as you are-as God made you to be! Accept yourself. Be proud of yourself and others will follow your lead. Surround yourself with encouraging people who bring you up! Following Stella is a great start-she is a great friend and always brings me up with her posts!


  2. I’m not entirely one to believe in purpose. I do however believe in the idea that there is no fate but what we make for ourselves. (terminator 2 quote) To set our own goals in life and do as we please without some higher existence laying a plan for us. That’s where I stand, regardless of which way we choose to go about our lives though, we should do so with purpose otherwise it’s not worth having.


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