One Month To Christmas!

Folks, It’s the season once again!!!

The most festive Christian holiday is here with so much frenzy in the air. People have begun to shop for gifts and presents for their families and loved ones.

The whole environment is agog with the colours of the special season. I just love the beautiful decorations everywhere… the sparkling lights on the trees, the Christmas colours of red and white… Wow!!!

And then, the better part… the Christmas parties or what we call Julefrokost in Denmark. There is so much love to share during this festive period. So much kindness at this time. The feeling is ecstatic and indescribable.

I love the sweet aura that carries a tingle and jingle of love with it as people show extra love to one another.

I love the sweet aroma of exotic food oozing out from the corners of the kitchen, adding that extra fragrance to our homes.

I love the clattering and rattling of both humans, pots and pans telling us to eat, be happy and merry.

I love the sense of reconnection to loved ones. The reunions with family. That feeling of togetherness which is awesome at this time.

I love good music, which is food for the soul. Everywhere, the Christmas jingles are wafting out of loudspeakers romancing our souls. I tell you, music is therapeutic.

And from this chilly winter abode, as Christmas is wearing her angelic robe once again, I love to sip my warm tea which is my all seasons drink.

Hey people, it’s the Yuletide season! Let’s love ourselves and throw bitterness, violence, envy, jealousy, backbiting and all those bad vices… out of our lives.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple. All Rights Reserved.

5 thoughts on “One Month To Christmas!

  1. Enjoyed your post. Living in Sydney, Australia, the temperature is warming up with 31C/88F expected today. I remember one Christmas Day reaching 42C/107F so the idea of a Snow-filled Christmas sounds rather appetising! 🙂 Best wishes of the season to you, your family & friends!


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