It’s A Conspiracy Of Love…

Blessed is the season, which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. – Hamilton Wright Mabi

I concur and share same sentiments with Hamilton that indeed Christmas is a time that truly engages the whole world as they celebrate the year-end. A time with an atmosphere of good cheer. A season to show how much you love and how much you care for one another. A season when humanity exudes all the humanness in them. A cosy period where the art of gifting one another with precious tokens have a resounding crescendo. A time when people unwrap LOVE nicely packed in radiant boxes of chocolates as the exchange of gifts flies across borders and above frontiers.

I believe that Christmas is about family and friends, sharing love and creating a memorable moment. You know, that magical period of time to celebrate and share our presence with one another as we gather together reliving the experiences of the year. Making tangible plans for the coming year. Basking in the euphoria of the abundant blessings and the impressive bounties of the end of a fiscal year. Counting the overall plusses and minuses. Grateful for a life still breathing with hope and faith awaiting the joyous leap into a new year.

That time when there is an exchange between those with very close affinities, sharing not just love but gifts and presents. It’s the coming together to break bread and have a good communion with everyone around.

It’s that season to gather and celebrate the year no matter how it had turned out, with hope and anticipation to march into the New Year with greater expectations.

I just love the joy, the fun, the atmosphere, the excitement and the love that blossoms around Christmas. It’s such a distinguished period for me.

Most importantly, it’s a time to think about the nativity story of Jesus Christ and the ever precious love of God to us. And these have always been the meaning of Christmas to me…!

Tell me, what does Christmas mean to you?


Peace and Love!

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6 thoughts on “It’s A Conspiracy Of Love…

  1. A lovely post. Yes Christmas is welcoming the Christ child as a symbol of new beginnings in our lives. It is about warmth, friendliness, family and giving and reassessing our values as we look back and then to the future. It’s about music and singing and joy in life.

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  2. For me it’s definitely about the gift of Christ, emphasis on family and rest. I hope you have managed to download How to pray, still available free for the next few hours still. Would appreciate your review,through the same link on amazon, after you have read it. Thanks for your great support!

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  3. Such a beautiful and positive post. Thank you.
    I love celebrating Christmas with family and friends and tokens and messages fly between countries. We celebrate Christmas Eve the way I did in Sweden and it seems to be a hit. A big dinner party on Christmas Eve,
    The tree is glittering, pepparkakor are baked…
    Wrapping left 😊

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