It’s Time To Say Goodbye…

It’s just a few more days and we’d say goodbye to 2017. How will we start off in 2018? Have you sat down to think about that? Well, would you say that there is no need to hurry with such thoughts until we get to the New Year?

It will be nice to begin to prepare for the New Year and see how best to achieve a great deal of success in the year. So before you march into 2018, hopefully, let’s take some time to search our lives. Let’s check those behaviours and ideas we’ve allowed to cripple us in 2017. It’s time to check the stuff we intend to carry over to the New Year.

Do you agree with me that most of us carry around heavy baggage that does not serve us well? We still keep things and matters that are no longer useful in our lives. Today, there are outdated beliefs, imagined responsibilities, habits, dysfunctional relationships and other things that no longer serve us well. Some of these things are no longer needed in our lives. We should not allow them to proceed into 2018 with us.

In the next couple of days, do a random check or a deep reflection of yourself and discard what is not needed. When we carry excess baggage around with us, it weighs us down and holds us up. In order to reach our destinations faster and without any further encumbrances, it is good to acknowledge and do away with all these outdated beliefs and tradition. Jettison those habits that derail your progress. Just let them fall off.

Release your hold on that person that stifles your progress, drop that thing that stagnates you. Do away with that habit that syphons your money, disentangle yourself from bad friends, any bad and negative influencers, let go of that matter…. Let them out of your life without any further doubt or delay.

We need very much to discard whatever that is outdated in our lives to let in new things. We need to flush out of our systems long-held opinions that are not serving us well or promoting progress in our lives. We need to exhale all the pungent air around us to enable us to inhale a breath of fresh air in the coming year.

It is time to embrace new beliefs and new methods, it is time to welcome new ideas and new relationships. It is time to navigate through our social connections and networks and seek help if you needed it badly. It is time to leave that comfort zone and move away to a new place.

Peace and Love!

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10 thoughts on “It’s Time To Say Goodbye…

  1. Hi Stella,

    great post.It is funny how fast this time is going. Quickly passed a year ago. Just like a moment. I believe that is very important to write down our goals for next year, and to read that paper every day.


  2. Reblogged this on ThoughtsnLifeBlog and commented:
    Dear Friends, so most of you I am not blogging at the moment. I am having a break until 10 Jan 2018.
    But I read this fabulous post by a great fellow blogger, and think it is perfect for thoses planning and gearing up for a new year. I 100% agree with this. Enjoy make you read the original post and dont musd out


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