The Daily Prompt – Confess!

Everyone experiences setbacks, obstacles and low moments in life. Therefore, do not make the mistake of allowing those challenges to change your perspective and belief. Don’t ever think that those problems are insurmountable because any negative thinking will keep you in bondage. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Confess!”

The Daily Prompt – Cherish.

As I got near the house, I perceived the sweet spicy aroma of Ofe Nsala, which is mixed up with the cool evening air. Mama must be busy in the kitchen I told myself.
Inside the big parlour, my stomach jumped with excitement with the familiar smell as it dissipates into the crisp air. I breathed in the pleasant scent of uziza leaves and dawa dawa. It was a moment of reality as my face lit up with smiles. I walked closer to the kitchen and just like a mind reader, Mama scooped a small portion of the soup into my washed stretched hands. I savoured the rich taste of crayfish, a major ingredient in this soup as I helped her taste for salt. “I think the salt is just the right amount”. I told Mama.

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