The Daily Prompt – Cherish.

As I got near the house, I perceived the sweet spicy aroma of Ofe Nsala, which is mixed up with the cool evening air. Mama must be busy in the kitchen I told myself.
Inside the big parlour, my stomach jumped with excitement with the familiar smell as it dissipates into the crisp air. I breathed in the pleasant scent of uziza leaves and dawa dawa. It was a moment of reality as my face lit up with smiles. I walked closer to the kitchen and just like a mind reader, Mama scooped a small portion of the soup into my washed stretched hands. I savoured the rich taste of crayfish, a major ingredient in this soup as I helped her taste for salt. “I think the salt is just the right amount”. I told Mama.

I became torn between wanting to go upstairs and freshen up or to stand there to inhale the spicy delectable flavour of the mouth-watering soup. My heart melted with pleasure at the thought of the tiny morsels of pounded yam to enjoy that evening. For a few more minutes, I stared at the big pot sitting on the stove. I knew the soup will warm me up and banish the feeling of the wintry chill that has engulfed me. I was consumed with curiosity as I stirred the substance of the pot, allowed to simmer on low heat.
I couldn’t help myself and I had a taste of the soup again. Already itching with desire, my appetite grew voraciously. I decided to eat dinner without any delay. As I moulded the soft morsel, I engaged with the soup, dipping fiercely into the soup to find pieces of dried fish that perforated the rich moisture. It tasted so delicious and it almost felt like heaven on earth. The Nsala soup was spicy with a sharp tingling aftertaste that made the inside of my mouth to flare slightly. Mama has added just the right amount of pepper into this dish. And I could feel my heart leap with excitement as I consumed the bowl of pounded yam placed before me.
I cherish this soup very much. And I enjoy eating it. I really do. It was one of those evenings that I retire to bed with a feeling of satisfaction having eaten one of my favourite delicacies. Oh wow! Today is a good day and Mama’s dinner was the cherry on top of my enviable day.

Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Cherish.


Peace and Love!

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