Today’s Rant…

Today is December 30, 2017. It’s the last weekend of the year, 2017. And obviously, it is the last Saturday in 2017.  I can see your face lit up with smiles.  I know you are excited that you’ve almost come to the end of this year? And you are ready to say goodbye to 2017.  Expectant that the coming year will be much better and more fruitful, right?

Oh well, if you are ready to see the dawn of the new year, then do yourself a favour, take it easy today and tomorrow. Don’t be overwhelmed with the ecstatic feeling of a new year and begin to go above board in your dealings. I know you’ve bought some good liquor and champagne to celebrate New Year eve. Well, that’s pretty much fine. But drink in moderation. Don’t drink to stupour or drink and get behind the wheels. No. Don’t throw your senses and wisdom out of the window. You need them to stay relevant and to stay completely in charge of your body in 2018.

What about those fireworks? I guess you’ve bought a trailer load of them. Clap for yourself. Good. You need to ensure that you bought the right ones. Ensure that what you bought are not dangerous explosives and risk imminent. Ensure that what you have will not inflame the whole neighbourhood. What am I saying? Before you hand over those ‘firecrackers and knock-outs’ to your kids, be certain that they are not dangerous weapons that will explode when ignited. It is a moment to be careful in all ramifications. Play it simple with the utmost caution. There is no doubt that I enjoy watching the spectacular firework displays so don’t get me wrong.

Dear friends, keep calm, stay happy, drink in moderation. Don’t drive on that top speed or begin to compete on the highway with other motorists. Don’t let your ego take the better part of your senses. This is not the time to prove your driving prowess to anybody. Oh, save me that cliche that you’ve been driving for decades. And so? It takes a minute for accidents to happen. It’s better to arrive late at your destination than to truncate your journey and call up your own death. Just take it easy. You need to stay alive to enjoy 2018. A word is enough for the wise.

I look forward to seeing you in 2018.

Have an amazing weekend.


PS: This was my today’s rant on my  Facebook wall. 🙂


Peace and Love!

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